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  1. In an article (Publisher's Perspective: Separation of Church 16 June 2011) by Graham Rich of FinancialAlert he describes the global finance crisis in term of the Christchurch earthquake.  I thought this was a very appropriate description and include it here.

    “The GFC was akin to a series of Christchurch earthquakes and aftershocks unpredictably hitting the global financial markets, and the NZ financial markets, financial services industry and financial adviser industry. Just like the Christchurch earthquakes, no one was really prepared for the GFC (no matter what they may now say), no one expected it, no one wanted it, no one liked it and many were seriously hurt by it. And, just like the Christchurch earthquakes, no one party was to blame for all the loss.”


As an Authorised Financial Adviser in Christchurch Lyn Bell has passed the requirements of the Financial Markets Authority and is legally qualified to provide financial services to her clients throughout New Zealand.  

Lyn’s registration can be viewed at www.fspr.govt.nz. Lyn can also be found at the Financial Markets Authority website.

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