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  1. At one time, health insurance was only for those who preferred to use the private health system...but times have changed.

    With the cost of medical treatments and the availability of new procedures and drugs increasing, more and more New Zealanders are going private.

    While urgent treatment is always available through the public system, people can find themselves in a slow-moving queue for those ailments that aren’t immediately life threatening.

    Health insurance gets rid of having to wait on public waiting lists, and gets you treated so that you can start living normally again as soon as possible.  That is its main benefit for most people, and why it is worth considering.
    There are other benefits from private health insurance including allowing overseas treatment, accessing different treatments, treatments not available in the public system and assisting with family support in time of crisis or rehabilitation.
    To help you decide whether you should think about health insurance, ask yourself:
    • Is it likely that I would require medical treatment sometime in my life? 
    • Can I afford to cover it myself if I don’t want to wait six months or more?

    Surgery is expensive and it is an unfortunate fact that most of us do not get through life unscathed. Health insurance provides peace of mind that, if the unforeseen does happen and the public health system cannot help you, you can afford to get expert medical treatment when you really need it.


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