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Budget For Windows

Mac or PC? --Is available in both versions

Complexity and/or Ease of Use: Learning how to set it up was a little confusing at first but once I used the "Help" tool, it went smoothly. Not really an intuitive program to use, but with the assistance of the "help" tool, you should be able to manage just fine. The Help screen is very good and uses pictures to clarify things!


thumbs upThe envelope model makes it almost a mini accounting package. It sure helps to reconcile bank accounts and credit cards.

thumbs upYou'll never forget a payment again. This program lets you set up regular payments

thumbs upSaving for a special goal? Perfect! They have a tool for that as well!

thumbs upAre you artistic? It even lets you add color and icons a little creativity helps a lot!

thumbs upStandard categories are listed and you can add more of your own to suit your lifestyle.

Special Features

  • It includes a savings calculator with expected interest rate and inflation % that you can set so you can see how much you can save over a specific period.
  • The included calendar allows you to see Budget reminders, "Overdue" and "To Do" items when a document is opened.

    Price & Guarantee $Inexpensive - $$$Expensive $$29.95 price tag - 60 Day money back Guarantee thumbs up


    thumbs downGetting started is a little big difficult because of the degree of detail needed but the "Help" screen does indeed help.

    thumbs downHate to be nagged? Too bad - The free download has a very annoying pop up screen !

    thumbs downNo clear expiration period and some features are disabled or limited on free download program.

    thumbs downDuring the trial period various features are disabled or limited although there is no definite expiry period.

    Get Budget now (Windows; download) OR Get Budget now (Mac OS X; download)
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