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It is not how much you make, but what you do with the money you earn that will determine your ability to achieve personal financial security and independence. Article Archives such as...Five Steps to The Secret of Knowing Where Your Money is Going.

"Out of the Dark" Software Review

Score: 1 (Lo) 5 (Hi) 4.9

Summary This is a great free program and perfect if you want clarity, ease of use and an understanding of your financial situation. Complete Review

"Budget For Windows" Software Review

Score: 1 (Lo) 5 (Hi) 4.29

Summary Great program and perfect if you want clarity, great information, and ease of use. I remember putting my money in envelopes (this would be a link to the page with the envelopes) to manage my budget when I was a kid so their "envelope" model seemed kind of unique and helpful to me. Complete Review

"Budget Planner" Software Review

Score: 1 (Lo) 5 (Hi) 4.25

Summary Easily downloadable excel file once you find it. The top of the page was full of advertisements and the download is at the bottom of the page. You can either pay for the "editable version" or you can get the free version of the program, which has most things you will need IF you can get used to the category names that have been provided. Complete Review

"Rich or Poor" Budgeting Software Review

Score: 1 (Lo) 5 (Hi) 4.08

Summary This easily downloadable program will help to analyse your personal affairs and keep you on track at a reasonable cost. It has the ability to record assets and liabilities for many different accounts. Complete Review

"Thanks for looking after my financial affairs for me - I feel I can comfortably forget about them and get on with other more interesting things." Cathy P, Language tutor, Auckland

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