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Complexity and/or Ease of Use: This program is easy to use. Pages are linked, allowing expenses to carry forward to the following month. Changes made to the budget in later months will follow through to the next month but don't affect previous month's figures. This is useful if you need to tweak those figures or if your expenses change over time. Each page has access to help through a link on the page, and whether or not you're familiar with Excel, this is any easy to use tool for budgeting needs.


thumbs upFor each month, there is a budget form, pie chart, and expense tracking page.

thumbs upThe front page has an introduction section with access to articles on matters such as budgeting, banking, bankruptcy, credit cards, mortgages and more. Many of the articles will be applicable to the US but a lot of the information is useful wherever you live.

thumbs upPie charts for each month are available for those who enjoy visuals

thumbs upThere is a summary sheet at the end showing how well you kept to your budget & where your money has gone.

Special Features

  • The expense tracking page allows you to track expenses daily; although some could find this a bore. It is useful, however, if you have never budgeted and want to know that the figures you have entered are realistic.
  • Has a useful guide to the percentage of total income you should spend in certain areas such as transportation, food, etc
  • If you blow your budget, you can se where you went wrong - This is an invaluable addition to the total package. The page totals down and across and shows how actual daily spending has tracked against your budget.
  • The 2006 version has had a section added allowing for extra income such as bonuses and commission not already recorded in your income.


  • Price & Guarantee $Inexpensive - $$$Expensive  - $ Has a free version (Not customizable) or a paid version  fully editable, for $10.00 Donation made through Pay Pal


    thumbs downData is based on family of four so if you have a smaller or larger family size, you will have to make some adjustments on your own.

    Free version is non-editable although at $10, the paid version is pretty darn reasonable.

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