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Debt Reduction
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"Zilch Standard Debt Reduction" Software Review

Score: 1 (Lo)- 5 (Hi) 4.42

If you have been having trouble getting out of debt, this
tool definitely gives you an incentive to keep plugging by showing you the
light at the end of the tunnel Once you know how much $$ you have to spend
over your regular payments, it helps analyse how quickly you can repay your debt.


With the world economy in turmoil and job losses happening daily more and more people are looking at ways to get out of debt or at least to reduce the debt they have. On this page you will find website and software reviews, articles and tools that will help with debt reduction strategies.

" Vertex42.com"

This spreadsheet from this free download allows you to choose different debt reduction strategies, including the debt snowball effect -- paying the lowest balance first -- and the highest interest first strategy. You choose the approach you want to take from a dropdown box after you enter your creditor information into the worksheet. Two worksheets are provided, one helping you create a debt reduction schedule with a simple calculator and the other is designed to help you check your progress and see how the snowball increases as you pay off your debts. You must have a budget for it to work.

Debt Reduction - Download a free Debt Reduction spreadsheet from Vertex42.com.


Avoid The Debt Trap
The article on keeping off the credit card merry-go-round

Self Managed Debt Reduction: The Debt Snowball Effect What is the debt snowball and how can it help you?

Website Review

Sorted.co.nz is user friendly site with so much to offer.
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Try Sorted's calculator to work out how long it will take to pay off that debt.
Calculate how to get out of debt

�As a business associate and friend, �Lyn� is another name for dedication, loyalty and devotion. I have learned a lot from her and when she asked me to give her a �testimonial�, I counter-offered by asking her to become involved in working with me as an integral part of my team as we diversified my business. That is how much I trust her.

With integrity like hers, she makes 1 + 1 = 11 and not 1 + 1 = 2.�
Giri G, Business owner, Auckland

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