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If you're interested in making sound financial decisions, both now and in the future, you've come to the right place. On this site you will find the tools to help you get ahead  - from budgeting through to investing.

Lyn has spent over 30 years in the finance industry both in New Zealand and in Africa. Read more about Lyn. And here's what some of her clients have to say. If you would like to meet with Lyn to assess YOUR particular needs email : Contact Lyn

The One Minute Millionaire

The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen

Reviewed by Lyn Bell

The One Minute Millionaire is an inspirational parable teaching a practical lesson in creating true wealth. Whether you want to become a millionaire or just beat credit-card debt and have enough to live on without worry, this book is for you. Michelle is a widowed mother whose life is on a downward spiral. Unless she can quickly raise a million dollars she will lose custody of her children. The story of Michelle is told alongside Robert Allen's practical advice for achieving financial success. His advice parallels the action in Michelle's story. We are urged us to identify our fears and doubts, and get rid of the roadblocks in our lives that limit our potential. Whether your goal, like Michelle's, is to become a millionaire or just to save for the future this book will help you to change Restraining Forces into Driving Forces. Change your negative habits and thoughts into positive ones with the use of a simple rubber band. I know that in New Zealand you can buy coloured elasticised bracelets in support of a charity - perhaps you can too. What better way to help a worthy cause - yours and a charity!

These two stories work together as a powerful means of self-discovery and an inspiring lesson in unlocking the winner that is within all of us. A book that is hard to put down and one you will want to read again.

About the Author: Mark Victor Hansen is the co-author of the largest selling book series in history - Chicken Soup for the Soul. Over 65 million copies have been sold worldwide. Robert Allen is author of three major selling personal finance books: Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Multiple Streams of Income. He conducts popular investment workshops and is a sought after TV and radio guest

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Get Rich Slow

Get Rich Slow - How to Grow Your Wealth the Safe and Savvy Way"Get Rich Slow: How to grow your wealth the safe and savvy way".
By Mary Holm

Reviewed by Lyn Bell

This book is a compilation of some of the best of Holm Truths, a newsletter written by well known financial journalist Mary Holm. The material has been updated and put together to make this an interconnected worthwhile read. Holm Truths are sent to clients of Lyn Bell & Associates each quarter.

As always Mary�s style is easy to read and understand. The book is chock full of common sense, with examples and research to back it up. Letters �From the Mailbox� illustrate some of the points made.

Mary Holm uses her vast knowledge and experience to show us how to save without worry � not a get-rich-quick approach which can leave you awake with worry at night.

Many who are advocates of property investing think that Mary Holm is dead set against property investing. If you read this book you will see that the comments she makes are valid and sensible. They merely call for you to think wisely about where, why and how you invest in property and to think sensibly about the pitfalls and alternatives before you buy. And, above all, to diversify your investments.

Altogether this is a good solid read and a book that you will come back to again and again.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Ekers

Reviewed by Lyn Bell

"Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" says T. Harv Eker. In his book "Secrets of The Millionaire Mind" Eker focuses on the way people think and feel about money. In order to succeed financially we must identify our "money and success blueprint". It is usually our own blueprint that is limiting us.

Eker asks us to think back to our childhood and to think about the lessons we passively absorbed from our parents and others about money. Believing that rich people focus on opportunities, while poor people focus on obstacles; that the rich act in spite of fear while the poor let fear get in the way; Eker puts a positive spin on stereotypes and teaches us to change our blueprint. Eker argues that poverty begins and is allowed to continue, in one's imagination. That, when we live in this mind set, life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Despite that fact that this book is an obvious infomercial for Eker's training seminars; his book offers thought-provoking advice and valuable insight into why we tend to limit our success. Not everyone can go to the seminar but anyone can buy a book.



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To learn the basics of money visit the UK site of Money Matters To Me for interactive financial learning

"The guidance we have received from Lyn on financial planning has been invaluable. Lyn has always been up front and honest with any questions we have thrown at her and she has broadened our opportunities to invest our monies in a variety of plans." Joanne D, Sales Manager, Auckland

"We are very pleased to have Lyn looking after our investments. As mature clients, we appreciate Lyn�s patience and well explained answers, as to the best terms and safe investments for us.
"Lyn is very approachable in person and by phone.
"We recommend Lyn to take excellent care of your investments and any other financial matters."

G and S Saunders, retired, Christchurch

"We highly recommend Lyn to anyone needing independent financial advice. Her knowledge is shared with honesty and efficiency. We only wish we had contacted her earlier."
R and S Brechin, Christchurch


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