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Discover What Business Owners Need to Know
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Small Business Essentials

Discover What Business Owners Need to Know:

Small Business Essentials

Are you new to business?

Are you a small business owner?

Are you thinking of starting a new business venture?

You don�t know where to start or would like to learn more to get ahead.

If this sounds like you, this seminar is for you....

You are invited to attend a seminar at White Fox & Jones, Level 3, 22
Moorehouse Ave starting at 5.30pm on 27 May 2010.

What you will discover is:

� How ACC can be structured to meet your budget and your needs.

� What ACC Cover Plus Extra is and if this applies to you in your

� How your life insurances such as Income Protection can work with ACC
to better meet your circumstances.

� The pitfalls and warnings about guarantees.

� KiwiSaver for the self employed and employees.

� Taxation issues you need to know about.

Your hosts for the evening will be, Hayley Murdoch, Director of Total
Sum Ltd and Lyn Bell, founder of Lyn Bell & Associates and SoundFinance.com

Guest speakers are Ann Hodgson from ACC and Nick Hau of Fidelity Life
(ex ACC). Together they will be able to give you a perspective you may never
have thought of before!

Aimee Edwards, Associate of White Fox & Jones will cover what everyone
needs to know when they sign a guarantee.

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