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Zilch Standard Debt Reduction

Zilch Standard Debt Reduction

Available for Microsoft �� Windows XP, 2000, NT,ME, 98, 95

Complexity and/or Ease of Use:
It produces easy to read reports, like Monthly Balance and Pay-off Summaries, which can be viewed or printed.
You can enter up to 30 accounts � Wow � Sure hope you don�t have that many debt accounts!

The �Date picker� feature will calculate how much to pay if you want to be debt free by a certain date! This would be especially useful if someone DID have 30 debt accounts.
The Investment Calculator shows you how much you will receive in the future by investing a regular sum, how much you need to save to achieve a goal, etc. It even helps you set an appropriate savings goal once the debt is paid.
Shows you how much you need to pay off each debt AND it lets you choose from seven options on how to pay it off (highest interest first, lowest payment first, etc.)
Cheerful color coding option is included!
The Debt Analysis Screen gives you a broad range of scenarios on reducing your debt. For example, it shows what happens if you make your minimum required payment; if you add an extra $5, or any other chosen amount to the payment

Special Features

  • You can figure your payments in either of two currency symbols - Pounds or Dollars.

  • Price & Guarantee
    $Inexpensive - $$$Expensive���� $$39.95 (US)

    I�m not sure this is a disadvantage. The only reason not ot get this tool is if you don�t have any debt! Even then, you could use the investment calculators!

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