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Get your finances out of the dark

"Out of the Dark": Review

Mac or PC?No problem. No need to download as it is all done online with guaranteed privacy -- I like that

Complexity and/or Ease of Use: Little pop up boxes help you while inserting your figures -- making it very easy. To the right of the budget boxes are a set of actions you can take to enhance your experience. Take for example the Bucket Accounts which are "virtual accounts that you can use to track any amount of money that you want to put aside or designate for any purpose as the funds are being depleted or replenished without actually placing that cash in a separate physical bank account, yet enjoying all the benefits of one."


thumbs upAn easy way to keep your financial records without actually having them on your hard drive.

thumbs upThis program lets you set up a regular reminder to visit your budget

thumbs upSaving for a special goal? Perfect -- Use the Bucket Account

thumbs upStandard categories are listed and you can add more of your own to suit your lifestyle and language. Reading comments from existing users I saw that one person customized the categories to suit a bride's wedding budget. What a great idea!  

thumbs upIt is a free tool that can be accessed online -- even while traveling.

Special Features

  • You don't need to calculate the monthly amount of an annual expense. All you need do is insert an 'a' prior to the annual amount and the system calculates the sum for you.
  • Has a notepad to keep special notes..

    Price & Guarantee $Inexpensive - $$$Expensive $A great FREE tool thumbs up


    thumbs downCan't think of any! Well maybe the fact that you must sign in regualrly so that your account is not deactivated through being inactive. Probably a good thing really as you do need to keep on top of things.

    You can Get Out of the Dark here.
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