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Rich or Poor

System Requirement  Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP

Complexity and/or Ease of Use: It's quick and easy to download. A help manual gives you the details of "how to". I found the wording a little bit confusing when it explained the different accounts. The confusion may be due to some missing commas  As a result, it had to be re-read several times. The design is not really what I'd call "intuitive" - However, with the assistance of the "help" tool, users should be able to manage the program just fine.


thumbs upThere are over 33 different types of reports or charts, customized to suit and show how your budget, assets, liabilities, and investing are going.

thumbs upGreat News - you'll never forget a payment again! This program lets you set up regular payments and has a warning that your bill is due; and it won't go away until you actually do something about it. 

thumbs upIt's suitable for individuals and perhaps small business.

thumbs upCheque or Check? You can customize the language to suit your preferences.

thumbs upStandard categories are listed and you can add more of your own to suit your lifestyle.


thumbs downAll transactions, whether a deposit or a bill, were listed as "Bills" 

thumbs downGetting started is a little big difficult because of the degree of detail needed, but the Help screen does indeed help.

thumbs downI found it difficult to list the assets. Instructions for doing this were unclear.

thumbs downThe thought of loading in all that information and then losing it after the 30 day free trial is discouraging.  I suggest if you are planning to buy, you do it up front and save yourself a lot of time inputting all the information again.

thumbs downCAUTION: Several attempts to contact the software providers have failed to gain a reply. I doubt you'd get a refund if things turned sour

Special Features

  • You can list your shares or bonds.
  • It provides 33 different charts and reports.


  • Price & Guarantee

    $Inexpensive - $$$Expensive $ - $19.95 price tag - 30 Day free trial

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