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Software to help keep track of rents, taxes and loan payments.

"SayRent "Software Program Review

Complexity and Ease of use: To get the most out of this experience, make sure you look at the descriptive user�s guide located at the top BEFORE you begin. Trust me on this � Although it was simple enough to figure out without the guide, it definitely speeds up and simplifies the process to consult the user�s Guide first.


    Great for multiple properties.You can record any number of
    properties you want making this a great property organiser.

    Cheque or check?Easy, just modify to suit your preference

    Professional looking statements and invoices can be produced to send to tenants.

    You can add your own comments to the statements.If the tenants are overdue it
    will show this based on your recorded information.

    Helps you keep track of your tenant details and payments

    If you pay someone to manage the property, you can record commission payments.

    VAT or GST? Easy! You simply record the amount and it calculates it for you

    Special Features

  • "Simulation mode" allows you to see the effects of changing things like rent or loan payments.One caution: It does not save the information when in simulation mode.
  • Keeps a running total of your interest on your loan account.
  • Files can be saved to your PC.


$Inexpensive - $$$Expenvive $$29.95 US. Has a 30 day money back guarantee.


    The information is not automatically inputted.(Well, you
    can�t expect to have everything can you?)

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