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Debt Reduction and Planning @sorted.org.nz


This user friendly site has so much to offer, and not just debt reduction. Put together by the New Zealand Retirement Commission it certainly has none of the staid feel about it that you'd expect from a Government site. A little friendly mouse heads each page encouraging you to use your mouse to get financially sorted.


Serious financial matters are dealt with in a fun and interactive way. The use of material on the site is free and it is free to register.


Fun interactive games help teach kids about money matters...go on I won't tell the kids that you had a go!


Getting out of debt may be your goal but are you sabotaging your efforts? Why would you do this to yourself? Find out by taking the money personality test - learn why you act as you do. And read the tips offered for your investing style and see how to avoid pitfalls.


A range of calculators helps with debt, investing, mortgages, goals, budgeting and more.


Whether you are 60 plus or a kid at heart this site has something for you.  Go and Get Sorted!



This British website is programmed for financial education purposes. Money Matters To Me has the aim of being an interactive and motivating resource for adults, particularly women and those with families. It is designed to allow for different learning styles.

A great site for the basics and getting you started but if you have the basics under control this may not be for you.

The site has helpful steps to take for a variety of different circumstances. Take for example the 10 do's and don'ts for dealing with debt which leads you through things such as not ignoring your situation, checking if you are eligible to claim for any benefits, completing a budget and letting creditors know what the situation is and how you intend coping.


With its logical steps and solutions it will benefit someone who is feeling overwhelmed by a problem, such as suffering the loss of a partner or perhaps experiencing a serious debt situation. Interactive tutorials and fun calculators teach in the privacy of your home.


Although designed for the UK market many nuggets of information will be helpful to anyone looking to learn about money matters.

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