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Sound Finance brings factoring solution tailored to your business needs. We help you, cut your business costs, and help you run your business smoother and grow.


Invoice Factoring

We meet your cash flow needs

that your business needs to flourish.

  • Easy and quick online approval

  • Low Factoring Rates

  • Excellent Reporting

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Same day funding

Do you need to get a handle on your cash flow needs? Consider Factoring....

Transportation Factoring is financing solutions to smooth out the cash flow for trucking companies. If a trucking company is looking to improve its financial strength without creating a debt, factoring is the ideal solution. The funding is lightning fast, it is scale-able, as your company expands or contracts and it is without creation of debt.


It is a very simple process with very efficient tools to do factoring. If you have questions such as below


  • What is factoring?

  • How factoring works?

  • How to get set-up for factoring?

  • What to look for a in a selecting the correct factoring company

We have put together a comprehensive list of FAQ that you can read to get yourself up to speed on this compulsory tool used in trucking business. You can also call our knowledgeable staff if you have any additional questions.

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