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Sound Finance prides itself in delivering outstanding factoring service since 2011

What does Sound Finance do?

What does Sound Finance do?

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We are a transportation services company with hundreds of customers all over the country.  We are in this for long haul. We know trucking, so we bring several solutions for our clients. We help trucking companies from the start and help them run well and grow. We bring several years of freight factoring experience to the table. Dedicated account managers for each client make it easy to run business for clients and us. We help save customers money with fuel and tire purchase solutions, Insurance solutions. We also help our customers with Registration and DOT compliance services

Our History

While there are many transportation services companies, most provide “Cookie Cutter” solutions, with emphasis on scale, whereas we go the extra mile. We provide services comparable to larger services companies while keeping a personal touch. We opened doors in 2011 with  a few clients in Washington state. We have since grown our customers base to 100s of clients all over pacific coast, mid west and southern states. We can tailor the services solutions according to customer needs, while keeping our focus on accuracy, newest technology, competitive pricing

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