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Refer your clients to Sound Finance and create a steadily growing income for yourself, with no limits.

What is Sound Finance Agent Program?

Sound Finance sales agent program is fabulous opportunity to earn an ever growing income while helping trucking businesses streamline their cash flow. Sales Agents/Brokers earn commissions by referring their clients or contacts to Sound Finance. There is not limit to how much money you can make. You will receive a monthly commission for the life of the deal, as long as you stay as an agent for Sound Finance. You have zero liability for referring the clients to Sound Finance.

Why Become a Sound Finance Agent?

Sound Finance is an established factoring company in transportation industry. We have a decade of successful history in helping clients succeed in their business by providing them tailored cash flow solutions. We purchase invoices from trucking companies so that they do not have to wait 30-90 days to get paid for their loads. We provide same day funding, with advance rates up to 100%. Every savvy trucking company works with a factoring company that meets their needs and business growth. There are over 1.8M long haul truckers that are in need of factoring. 


If you have a big contacts or clients list in trucking industry then you have potential to make a good income by referring clients us. There is no limit on amount of commissions you can make. 

What are the benefits for Sound Finance Agents?

  • You receive the commissions for the life of deal you referred to us, and commissions are paid monthly, you have no liability or risk.

  • We are a well established company with decade of factoring experience, so you are success is guaranteed.

  • We can help you by training and providing sales material if you choose to aggressively increase your client portfolio.

  • Transparent reporting and dedicated customer support

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